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Professional advice:


  - Accounting and financial

  - Commercial, labor and taxes

  - Marketing: traditional, online and social networks

  - International trade

  - PR



Wealth Management (Family Office):


In our company we serve the interests of individuals and families looking for someone reliable for efficient management of all financial aspects of a family’s heritage. We offer the comprehensive management of a host of decisions and strategies, many of which are interrelated in that they follow a common purpose: the efficient preservation and development of families’ wealth.


Among other things, we engage in advice regarding economic decisions, investment, successors’ strategies, asset protection, family issues, tax planning, selection of trustees, selection and monitoring of managers, aggregation yields, expense control, personal investments, investment alternatives, and direct investment.



What we provide to our clients:


  - Independent advice, clear and committed reviews. Selecting best-of-breed reviews.


  - Increased profitability of client’s assets through a model of independent advice to always seek positive returns regardless of market evolution, with access to real estate investments, private equity and any other area where an opportunity presents itself (i.e., alternative energy).


  - Time savings by delegating part or all of the investment process in a management solution which can identify, analyze, filter and negotiate the best possible terms.


  - Improved control of clients’ assets by providing clear, concise, tailored and integrated information.


  - Enjoyment of his/her heritage, through a better understanding of their needs and receiving solutions, independent group without guidelines or third parties.



This is a comprehensive service and as characterized by:


  - A comprehensive estate planning adapted to the particular level of risk of each customer.


  - Equity is managed by independent and highly skilled professionals, experts in the set of solutions for the management of family assets.


  - A volume management provides a privileged vantage point for negotiation with financial institutions and / or product providers.


  - The main objective is the preservation of capital and increase commensurate with the risk policy adapted and controlled.



Corporate Finance:


  - Business Valuation

  - Mergers and acquisitions



Real Estate:


  - Fundraising and investor search

  - Reorganization of real estate assets

  - Portfolio management

  - Real estate consulting

  - Land development

  - Purchase of buildings and warehouses



SICAV creation:


In Spain, a SICAV is a type-A corporation which purpose is to invest in financial assets. SICAVs enjoy significant tax advantages, with a 1% corporate tax. Currently this investment vehicle is one of the most used by high-net-worth individuals.





EAFIs are financial advice companies which focus on the area of investments. Such advice can consist on giving financial advice customized for each customer, at his/her request or at the initiative of the company, with respect to transactions related to financial instruments.

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