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ESERP is an institution of recognized experience in the academic field both nationally and internationally, officially authorized to provide university-level education, and more than a quarter century of existence.


The school has urban campuses in Madrid, Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca, located in the downtown area, in an environment of large companies and businesses in the city.


The Center also features a modern virtual campus, being considered one of the most technologically advanced in its field for training online.


ESERP is a school serving modern society, providing quality training and content. Our training is based on updating their teaching through research and development of theoretical and empirical analysis of the current business reality.
























For academic and research expertise, it is supported by a strong faculty with experience in teaching and in the subject they teach, having the corresponding degree of graduate, undergraduate, masters or doctorate as appropriate, and a highly qualified Board of Directors and leading team, among which there are prominent personalities in the financial, cultural, academic and research fields.


ESERP, through all its areas and activities, provides a solution to all educational needs required by society, companies and organizations, providing sufficient information and proper approach to analyze, decide and act responsibly among them.


ESERP centers are under the academic supervision of the ESERP University Foundation, which main objective is the promotion, implementation and research, and the dissemination and subsequent contribution, of teaching and learning outcomes in different educational subjects, offering services to the higher education ESERP Centers in all its offices.


Currently ESERP has, among others, a number of authorizations and acknowledgments that endorse as a center of excellence in the field of higher education, as listed below.



ESERP is even authorized, on the basis of Article 19 of RD 557/91, for the creation and recognition of universities and university centers, and authorized both in Madrid and in Barcelona to give Bachelor Degrees (Bachelor in Management and Public Relations BOCM. 23-IX-1997 DOGC No. 1669 and Bachelor of Sciences in Management and Journalisme DOCM 4-VII-2000 DOGC 3303 in partnership with public UK Queen's University; and it also teaches a Bachelor in Business Administration with public Staffordshire University in the UK, DOCM 6-V-1999 DOGC 2359).


Among other qualifications, ESERP, as a Private Higher Education Center, teaches private higher degrees in the areas of Business, Finance, Advertising and Public Relations, Tourism and Graphic Design.


In ESERP Madrid, official degrees in Business Administration and Management are offered, as well as the Official Degree in Marketing and the Official Degree in Tourism, and the Master's Degree in Marketing, as officially attached to the Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid.


Also taught at the ESERP headquarters in Barcelona, are ESERP's own Master's Degrees through the University Camilo Jose Cela.


Both at the Barcelona centers and the Madrid headquarters, Spanish and British double degrees are taught by British Bachelor's in Business Administration, in Tourism Management and Marketing Management.




ESERP, constantly updating and disseminating university programs, has also signed several agreements with universities and international business schools, among which are:


 • Staffordshire University (United Kingdom)

 • University of Teesside (United Kingdom)

 • University of Schmalkalden Germany

 • Management School of Maastricht in the Netherlands

 • Queen's University (UK)

 • Luiss Business School in Italy

 • Moscow State University of Technologies and Management in Russia

 • IICP in France

 • ESC in France

 • IPAM Portugal

 • Dublin Business School







◦ Official University Degrees


  ◦ Higher Degrees


◦ University Bachelor Degrees


◦ Higher Vocational Training





◦ Masters


   ◦ MBAs


   ◦ Higher Courses




The school has undergone various high-quality audits that have historically certified its academic excellence, meeting the terms and requirements of each of the following national and international certifications:


 - Certificate Of Quality UNE in ISO 9001/2000 No. ER-0614/2008

 - Certificate Of Quality IQNET and AENOR No. ES-0614/2008

 - Madrid Excelente, which is awarded to organizations that meet their criteria of quality, and strive for excellence and continuous improvement in their daily management, awarded by the Community of Madrid.

 - The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education - UK

 - Accrediting Agency for Bachelor's Master's and Doctoral degree programs in Busi ness Administration and Accounting.

 - International Institute of Public Relations, Management and Business

 - Il.lustre Col.legi Oficial de Titulats Mercantils i Empresarials de Barcelona

 - Illustrious Central Association of Commercial and Business Graduates, Madrid


During these years we have grown ESERP from a modern conception of training, and invested in interaction with national and international actors, homologating and climbing stairs in the rankings, anticipating changes in our environment through training and technological innovations, believing in communication and constant research, and transmitting to our students the skills, knowledge and values that can most help them in their professional and personal development.


Our years of experience are therefore a story of stimulating challenges and continuous improvement, hoping to convey to our students, but also society in general, the need to invest in growth models that focus on the power of the individual, in her social responsibility, in her management skills and her openness to the world.

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